Scale Independent

I make maps, and create multi-image high resolution images at different scales. From sub micron resolution to 300 megapixel portraits of people, to five gigapixel views of Burning Man…and more.


I am available for various things, maps, Gigapan and Portrait photography, events, archival work, and Django/Python programming. Please contact me!


I also write software (my GitHub account), fabricate equipment, including a CNC controlled microscope and Cocktail Robots, write books (Mapping Hacks and Google Maps Hacks), and passionately evangelize for the technologies and tools I love.

Counties in the US named for Confederate figures

25 Feb Confederate Toponymy

Reading Wikipedia I came on this page List of U.S. counties named after prominent Confederate historical figures And so I made a map of those counties. I plan to make the source data available, at some point, but let me know if you would like it...

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19 Dec Laser cut grating

This is a laser cut grating or grill cover. The holes are 1/2". This is a walnut veneer over an MDF core. Ed then suggested that I make smaller versions suitable for model boats, and he took them to the model boat club where several were...

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11 Jun Explicit images

Here are some of the high resolution genital portraits referred to in the essay on It seems like it should go without saying, but these are in fact explicit, although mostly somewhat 'clinical' images.
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11 Jun Personal Portraits of Australia

For Arse Elektronika in 2010 I took multi-image high resolution genital portraits. The following essay is in the 'proceedings' of the conference, published in the RESEARCH book Screw the System. Personal Portraits of Australia

Most of us know about as much about the anatomy of our own genitals· as we do of the geography of Australia. In both cases we see the landscape· from a long distance, through a distorted cultural mirror, and while we· have a general idea that important things must be happening down there we· don't have a firm hand on the details.

(warning: there are explicit images below)

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16 Feb Calibration: Ruler, using bellows

50 mm lens on the fully extended bellows. Lens set to f8. Single stack, 16 images in the stack. Approx 659 pixels per mm. Each pixel is about 0.7 nm. [caption id="attachment_15647" align="alignleft" width="300"] Fully extended bellows with a 50 mm lens. About 8mm field of view.[/caption] This implies that...

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08 Jan Aging Street Punk (a poem)

  Aging street punk sits on the sidewalk on a grate, on his jacket or a dirty rag. Hard to tell. I've seen him before most days Familiar stranger, more stranger than familiar He's playing with a rat. He smiles at the rat. The rat walks up and down his arms The rat knows his part. The rat plays along. The rat...

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03 Jan Playing Geologist – Gigapanning Volcanoes in Arizona for the NASA DRATS

Each year NASA sends groups of teams to the Desert to test equipment and techniques which may be useful for extraterrestrial exploration. In April 2010 I got to go to the San Francisco Volcanic field to take Gigapan photos of potential exploration sites for that summer's DRATS tests. It was great fun! Here are some notes and images from that trip.
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