Water Refilling Station Contract Agreement

19 Dec Water Refilling Station Contract Agreement

This agreement will enter into force at the signing of the contract. This contract is signed between Smileyberg Water Refilling Station, represented by Richard Allan Cassidy, based in Kaawa Perrelos Carcar City Cebu Ph 6019. AND second part, or known as customer. Name: Address: Phone number: While the two parties have agreed on a hot and cold water dispenser on a monthly agreement. Section 1: Obligation of the Smileyberg Water Treatment Plant. A.B.C. D. Supplying bottled water for filling the water dispenser at the company`s expense. Ser-EYLJ 100346546 Regular maintenance of this machine. To do warranty work when they are called. The owner has the right to remove the water dispensers if he deems it appropriate. Richard Allan Cassidy Manager Smileyberg Purified Water Station Section 2: Customer Engagement A.

To ensure that the water machine is kept in a safe area. B. For the power of the machine, paid for by the customer. C. No improper use of the water machine. D. Bottled water is delivered only by the Smileyberg Purified water station. E. All damages are repaired at the customer`s expense. F. Any loss of this water machine is paid for by the customer. G.

Any loss of bottle is reimbursed at the customer`s expense.