Through the Microscope: Transimpedance Amplifier


26 Jan Through the Microscope: Transimpedance Amplifier

transimpedence_amplifier-smallWide-band (6GHz) transimpedance amplifier.

This is one chip on a carrier of about 100 chips. The chip shown is approximately 0.4mm x 0.6mm

The original image is 3942×3336 pixels. This implies a scale of about 6.5 pixels per micron. The actual resolution of the image is lower than that.

One cool aspect of this image is that the person who provided the chip did not know what it ‘really’ looked like. He had specified that it be manufactured in certain ways, but until he saw this image he didn’t know if it existed in the way he had designed.

Imaging gives us the ability to (sometimes at least!) see things which we otherwise can not see!

I used Zerene stacker to combine 22 images to create the final image.